VANA-VÕROMAA food and beverages brand

Deliciously local food

UMA MEKK (“own flavour” in Võru language) is a name for a local brand of food and beverages from Old -Võromaa in Estonia.

Products bearing a logo Uma Mekk are grown or made from a local produce from an area in South East Estonia which include counties of Põlva, Valga or Võru.

The distinct local flavour or “Uma mekk” comes from our land and forest where the food grows and the knowledge, skills and traditions of the ancestors of preparing the food.

You can rest assure in the quality and the authenticity of the product by choosing Uma Mekk brand. Choosing to buy from the Uma Mekk producers you support the area and the local small businesses.

You can find Uma Mekk farms and produces online:

Umal söögil om mekki! Deliciously local food!

Where can you buy Uma Mekk produce?

  • from online shops of the farms connected to the brand
  • visiting the local farms of the brand or contacting the farms directly to receive the produce by mail
  • from Uma Mekk stand in Võru Maksimarket
  • from shops around Estonia, you can recognise the brand by Uma Mekk logo

Uma Mekk kaubamärk

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Uma Mekk tooted

Astelpaju vahuvein

Astelpaju vahuvein

Tootja: Uue-Saaluse veinitalu

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2-kuud laagerdunud kitsejuust Caporale

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